Almyashev I.Z.

Director on Research Area
ALMYASHEV Igor Zieevich

Was born in 1943 in Nukus Karakalpak ASSR.

In 1967 has graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute on a speciality Control Systems of Air Vehicles.

Worked in the Design Bureau Salut, simultaneously in 1972 he has graduated from the Mechanical-Mathematical department of the Moscow State University.

Since 1970 he works in the GosNIIAS in posts of engineer, senior engineer, engineer, senior staff scientist, chief of sector, chief of laboratory.

Since 1999 - Deputy Chief of the Institute, and since 2001 - Deputy of the General Director of the FGUP GosNIIAS.

Cand.Tech.Sci. (1977), he has graduated from the correspondence postgraduate study of MAI.

The highly qualified specialist in the field of aircraft manufacturing, avionics, system analysis, theory of automatic control, theory of optimization and research of operations of mathematical modeling. He has more than 200 scientific works published, repeatedly performed at all-Union and All-Russia conferences. He is a member of the editorial board of the GosNIIAS proceedings.

Takes active part in development of technological policy in the field of avionics of the fighter aviation, took part in development of Yak, Su fighters and air-to-air class missiles.


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