Fedosov E.A.

Research Adviser
FEDOSOV Evgeny Aleksandrovich

Was born in 1929 in Moscow.

He has graduated from Bauman MVTU and internal postgraduate study of MVTU.

Since 1954 he works in the GosNIIAS in which he took posts from engineer and senior staff scientist, up to the Chief of the Institute (1970). Since 2001 E. A. Fedosov is the Director General of FGUP GosNIIAS.

E. A. Fedosov is a leading scientist in the field of control procedures for military aeronautical engineering. He has introduced a significant contribution to development and creation of military aviation of  the country, including arms with high-precision guidance, participated in development and creation of the first domestic rocket of air-to-air class - K-8 and consequent generations of rockets of this class, high-precision weapon with laser homing, cruise missiles of air and marine basing, control systems of arms of airplanes SU-24M, TU-22M, MIG-23, MIG-27, SU-17, MIG-29, SU-27, TU-95, TU-160 and MI-24 helicopter. He is the author and co-author of over 250 scientific publications, including 11 monographies, on the theory and control systems of arms, navigation and air traffic control.

By the order of the General Director of Rosaviakosmos 18 of February, 21, 2003. FGUP GosNIIAS is appointed as a parent organization on avionics of airplanes of civil and military purpose. With the purposes of formation of the unified approach to development of onboard radio electronics of various application, the Institute and personally E. A. Fedosov developed proposals on cardinal change of the appropriate part of the Federal purpose-oriented program Development of Civil Aviation Engineering of Russia for 2002-2010 and for a period up to 2015, with the purpose to integrate in the shortest terms the available resource of Rosaviakosmos enterprises for creation of competitive aviation engineering.

E. A. Fedosov, being a member of Scientific-Technical Council at the President of the Russian Federation, was the organizer and one of the authors of the project of the Federal complex purpose-oriented program National Technological Base, which later became one of the largest technological programs of the Russian Federation. After the approval of the program by the Government of the Russian Federation, E. A. Fedosov was appointed the Chairman of Expert Council of the program consisting of the leading scientists of the country.

Cand.Tech.Sci. (1956), Dr.Sci.Tech. (1967), Professor (1969), Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (1996).

Since 1979 E. A. Fedosov is the Corresponding Member if the AS of the USSR, and since 1984 the Academician of the AS of the USSR, nowadays - the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Fedosov E. A. is the Assistant of the Academician-Secretary of the Department of power, engineering, a mechanics and control procedures the Russian Academy of Science and the chairman of Section of problems of engineering and control procedures, the editor of the journal Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Science. The theory and control system, the chairman of the Joint Scientific Council on a complex problem Processes of Control and Automation of the Russian Academy of Science.

He heads scientific school of Russia Systems of data processing and control of modern and perspective flying vehicles which is supported by the Russian Fund of Fundamental Researches, is the chief of MFTI and MIREA faculties. Among pupils of E. A. Fedosov there are two corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science, nine Doctors and more than twenty Candidates of sciences.

He is the Academician of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences (RARAN), the member of RARAN presidium.

The winner of the Lenin premium (1976), the winner of the Government premium of the Russian Federation in special equipment (2001).

It is awarded with the order Badge of Honor (1966), order of Lenin (1971), Academician B. N. Petrov Golden Medal of the AS Presidium of the USSR (1989).

In 1983 for a cycle of works on development of control systems for arms of airplanes TU-95MS and TU-160 E. A. Fedosov was given the rank of the Hero of Socialist Work with presentation of order of Lenin and gold medal Sickle and Hammer.


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