Sebryakov G.G.

SEBRYAKOV German Georgievich

He was born in 1938 in Moscow.

He has graduated from the Moscow Physical-Technical institute in 1963.

Works in the GosNIIAS since October, 1963.

The basic area of scientific interests - aviation data processing and control systems, human-machine systems, information technologies.

He heads the division engaging in development of optical-electronic guidance systems and control over flight vehicles, systems of computer vision and virtual reality, informational-control systems.

The author more than 200 proceedings, has 12 copyright certificates.

For the series of scientific works Analytic methods of research and designing of human-machine control systems in 1998 he was awarded with the Academician B.N. Petrov Premium of the Presidium of the RAS of the RF.

Dr.Sci.Tech. (1985), professor (1986). In 2000 he was elected the Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the department Power engineering, engineering, mechanics and control processes.

He is the associate editor of the journal Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Science, Theory and control systems, the Deputy Chairman of the Specialized Council on protection of thesises at the GosNIIAS.

Conducts teaching activity, being the Chief of the base faculty MIREA Aviation-space data processing and control systems and the professor of the base faculty of MFTI.


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