MAI GosNIIAS-Based Sub-Faculty
Aircraft System Design

Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) "Aircraft System Design" GosNIIAS-based sub-faculty was established in 1969. The sub-faculty is headed by Victor B. Polyakov, Dr. Eng.

The Deputy Head of the sub-faculty is Yury M. Karyakin, Ass. Prof. Dr. Eng.

The sub-faculty was established by MAI graduate Vsevolod Rudnev, Prof. Dr. Eng., one of the founders and the Deputy Director of GosNIIAS (1946 - 1959).

Until 2009 the sub-faculty was headed by Valery A. Stefanov, GosNIIAS Deputy Director General, Prof. Dr. Eng., recipient of the State Prize, honored scientist of the Russian Federation.

Many leading scientists and founders of aeronautical science and aviation industry worked at the sub-faculty: professors I.I. Toropov, Chief Designer of Vympel experimental design bureau, recipient of the State Prize; R. D. Kuzminsky, Dr. Eng., Chief of division at GosNIIAS, recipient of the State Prize; A.P. Grishin, Dr. Eng., honored worker of science and engineering.

At present many leading GosNIIAS scientists lecture at the sub-faculty: B.E. Fedunov, Prof. Dr. Eng., M.A. Okhotnikov, Ass. Prof.

To date among over 1000 sub-faculty graduates are: V.B. Polyakov, Sukhoi Company Deputy Director General (1982 grad.), A.N. Ryazantsev, Mikoyan Design Bureau Deputy Chief Designer (1977 grad.), and several division heads at various aviation industry enterprises.

The sub-faculty offers postgraduate courses; over 40 Candidates of engineering science completed postgraduate study, among them are I.Z. Almyashev, GosNIIAS Deputy Director General, S.D. Orkin, Yu. M. Karyakin, A.A. Kireyev,  M.M. Medynsky, S.L. Malysheva, lecturers at the sub-faculty, associate professors and leading GosNIIAS specialists, well-known experts in various fields.

Basic courses of study at the Aircraft System Design sub-faculty:

  • Complex system optimization methods.

  • Statistical dynamics and theory of optimal systems.

  • Airborne intelligent crew decision-making support systems.

  • Methods of data processing in information management systems.

  • Aircraft system simulation.

  • Synthesis of airborne algorithm systems.

  • System design and aircraft system efficiency.

  • Airborne system computers.

  • Airborne information and control system design and development.

The Aircraft System Design sub-faculty welcomes future professionals in the fields of simulation information technologies and complex engineering system research and development.

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