MAI GosNIIAS-Based Sub-Faculty
External Design and Aircraft System Efficiency

MAI (Moscow Aviation Institute) (National Research University) Aircraft Engineering department "External Design and Aircraft System Efficiency" GosNIIAS-based sub-faculty was established in 1973.

The sub-faculty is headed by Alexander M. Zherebin, Prof. Dr. Eng., FGUP GosNIIAS Deputy Director General, recipient of the State Prize.

The sub-faculty trains specialists in Operations modeling and research in organizational and technical systems (specialty 230301) with a specialization in External Design and Aircraft System Efficiency.

The sub-faculty was established by A.S. Isaev (1933-2008), Prof. Dr. Eng., laureate of the State Prize of the USSR (1976), who worked at GosNIIAS from 1956 to 1983 and afterwards for many years headed the Research Institute of Aviation Industry Economy (NIIEAP).

Many leading scientists and founders of aeronautical science worked at the sub-faculty: A.M. Batkov, Prof. Dr. Eng., Head of JSC Aviaprom (headed the sub-faculty for many years), V.V. Alesenko, Prof. Dr. Eng., Head of  division at GosNIIAS, Director of Russian Research Institute of Interbranch Information (VIMI); Heads of divisions at GosNIIAS, Professors, Doctors of Engineering Sciences: S.I. Bazazyants, V.B. Sokolov, B.P. Toporov, Assistant Head of division. At present the following outstanding scientists and founders of aerospace science, professors, doctors of science, lecture at the sub-faculty: V.I. Shutov, Ass. Prof., Cand. Sc., Head of division at GosNIIAS; leading GosNIIAS Professors, Doctors of Engineering: V.V. Orlov, E.P. Fedoseyev; Associate professors, Can. Sc.: V.M. Gorlov, V.V. Kropova, E.S. Prosina, N.B. Toporov, A.I. Shirokov.

To date over 400 specialists have graduated from the sub-faculty. The sub-faculty offers postgraduate courses; over 20 candidates of engineering sciences completed the postgraduate study.

The sub-faculty teaching and learning process involves student participation in GosNIIAS research efforts and presentation of degree works in the areas of core Institute activities.

Basic courses of study at the sub-faculty:

  • Aircraft system design.

  • Applied systems science.

  • Methods of organizational and technical system efficiency study.

  • Operations research.

  • Instrumentation systems.

  • Information systems and airborne digital computers.

  • Aircraft system economics and management.

  • Organizational and technical system models and operational processes.

  • Aircraft system testing.

  • Reliability and survivability.

  • Control and communication automation.

  • Artificial intelligence systems.

  • Theory of organizational and technical system control.

  • System simulation technology.

  • Instrumentation system power supplies.

We welcome future specialists in external design and aircraft system efficiency.

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