MAI GosNIIAS-Based Sub-Faculty
Automatic and Intelligent Control Systems

Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) "Automatic and Intelligent Control Systems" (No. 301) GosNIIAS-based sub-faculty was established in 1942 as an aircraft instrument faculty. In 1944 the faculty was reorganized and renamed Automatic control and aircraft stabilization. The faculty is known as Automatic and Intelligent Control Systems from 1993.

The sub-faculty is headed by Sergey Yu. Zheltov, Prof., member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, FGUP GosNIIAS Director General.

The establisher and the first head of the faculty from 1942 to 1949 was professor G.V. Shchipanov, the originator of a new line of research the theory of invariance of automatic systems. His discovery was registered by the USSR Council of Ministers State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries in June 11, 1966 under the number 44 prior to April 1939.

From 1949 to 1980 the sub-faculty was headed by B.N. Petrov, a leading scientist in the field of automatic control, space control theory and technology, professor, vice president of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Hero of Socialist Labor, chairman of INTERCOSMOS council.

Many leading scientists studied and worked at the sub-faculty No 301: B.N. Petrov, vice-president of the USSR Academy of Sciences, laureates of Lenin Prize and State Prize, members of the Russian Academy of Sciences G.S. Pospelov, S.V. Yemelyanov, I.M. Makarov; corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences E.D. Teryayev; Directors General and chief designers S.D. Koulikov, V.M. Petrov, B.M. Gavrilin; O.S. Gourevich, Dr. Eng., CIAM Deputy Director; recipients of the State Prize, professors A.D. Alexandrov, V.Yu. Routkovsky, N.M. Tishchenko.

Among the sub-faculty graduates are leading GosNIIAS specialists: I.Z. Almyashev, Cand. Sc., Deputy Director General; S.I. Fourletova, former head of production planning department; and V.I. Gazetov, Cand. Sc., head of laboratory.

The Automatic and Intelligent Control Systems sub-faculty welcomes future professionals in the field of intelligent control system development and simulation.

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