MIREA GosNIIAS-Based Sub-Faculty
Aerospace Data Processing and Control Systems

MIREA (Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation) (Technical university) Information Technologies department "Aerospace Data Processing and Control Systems" GosNIIAS-based sub-faculty was established in January, 2002.

Specialty 230102 "Automated data processing and control systems".

The sub-faculty is headed by German G. Sebryakov, Prof. Dr. Eng., corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Deputy Head of the sub-faculty is Elena Ya. Kalinichenko.

The qualified lecturers at the sub-faculty, among which are: V.V. Insarov, Prof. Dr. Eng., V.N. Soshnikov, Prof. Dr. Eng., B.E. Fedunov, Prof. Dr. Eng., Yu.V. Vizilter, Prof. Dr. Sc. (Ph. & Math.); B.V. Vishnyakov, Cand. Sc. (Ph. & Math.), O.V. Vygolov, Cand. Sc., use modern methods and teaching aids in educational process to lecture on the following subjects:

  • Specific themes of control theory;

  • Intelligent control systems;

  • Information technologies for aircraft navigation and control;

  • Image processing and pattern recognition;

  • Digital videometry and virtual reality systems;

  • Voice data processing and recognition techniques; voice control.

In the course of studies students write course and graduate works on the above-mentioned subjects at various GosNIIAS divisions and gain experience in particular application development.

Sub-faculty graduates can successfully work in the field of information technologies and information control systems of various purpose.

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