The II Russian scientific and technical conference «Navigation, Direction and Aircraft Control» was held in GosNIIAS in Moscow on September 22-23, 2015.


The conference was organized by FGUP Russian Federation State Scientific Centre «State Aircraft System Scientific and Research Institute» and AO «Ramenskoye Development Laboratory».

The conference was aimed at analyzing and increasing the capacities and ensuring the continuity of scientific and technical-engineering schools in the field of navigation, direction and control of an aircraft and the coordination of modern and future aircraft development.

The conference was attended by specialists of the top 54 Russian scientific, educational, development and industrial organizations of this field, such as: FGUP «State Aircraft System Scientific Institute», AO «Radioelectric Technologies Group», AO «Ramenskoye Development Laboratory», Russian Fundamental Research Fund, Russian Mechanic Association, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Air Industry Department, Moscow Region Science and Industry Ministry, Moscow branch of «Traffic control and navigation Academy» international organization, MGTU Bauman, MAI(GTU) etc. The attendees presented 139 reports dedicated to a wide spectrum of scientific, technical and organization issues of the fundamental and practical aircraft instrument engineering.

The plenary meeting was dedicated to discussing the practices, actual problems and prospects of this field’s development in the main strategic directions. Reports were delivered by AO «RSK MIG» General Director S.Korotkov, AO «Kamov» Chief Designer S.Mikheyev, AO «RPKB» General Director G.Dzhandzhgava, FGUP «GosNIIAS» S.Zheltov and other high ranking executives.

The conference was divided into several sections:

  1. «Flight tasks planning, teamwork and network-centric technologies. On-board AI tactical level systems»;

  2. «Basic elements, control systems, stabilization, navigation and direction»;

  3. «Radio equipment of on-board systems: development, production, testing, maintenance, import substitution»;

  4. «Information processing technology in navigation, direction and control of an aircraft»;

  5. «Geophysical fields unaided navigation and mapping»;

  6. «Training of engineers and scientists in the field of navigation, direction and control of an aircraft»;

  7. «Equipment and systems production technologies»;

  8. «Prospects of on-board systems structure, components and performance development under IMA»;

  9. «Aircraft armament and airborne avionics testing».

Within the conference’s framework there was also held a round table discussion attended by directors of companies and top Russian specialists on aircraft navigation, direction and control. The participants discussed the modern state of affairs in the sphere of instrument engineering and development prospects for 2015-2025.

Not for the first time the conference attracted attention of aircraft developers as a traditional venue for exchanging experience, demonstrating latest developments and searching for ways to solve the existing problems. A book of reports will be issued based on the work of the conference.

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