Advice services:

  • Substantiations for Designing of Quality Management System (QMS), decision making by the superior management:

    • Estimation of the level of development and condition of works on quality management,

    • Analysis of the new requirements and tendencies,

    • The form of demonstration of the Superior Management Decision.

  • Design history drawing up: the initial preconditions of QMS creation, contents of works on project stages, account of strategic development plans;

  • Planning and organization of project management;

  • The recommendations for structure and staff of the design team;

  • System project structure:

    • System of quality management as a part of common (corporate) informational managerial system,

    • Complex program bases for maintenance of quality and reliability of technical objects,

    • Structure and composition of the QMS normative documents system,

    • Policy of quality, Management on quality, the six obligatory procedures, other QMS documents, typical decisions,

    • Application of computer technologies and software with the object of processes management,

    • Programs and procedures of teaching and training.

  • Use of information technologies during QMS creation and perfection:

    • The WEB-site Quality System in the Intranet system,

    • The network version of electronic fund of the research documentation and the QMS documentation,

    • Management by the QMS electronic documentation, recommendation for the software choice,

    • The electronic guides and manuals on CD.

The advices are accompanied by demonstration of the QMS system project various decisions on the personal computer and by the offers on development of mockups and templates of the QMS typical documents.

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