Council of Junior Specialists and Scientists - independent public forming, which consolidates in its structure the junior specialists and scientists working in FGUP GosNIIAS. CJSS promotes activation of participation of youth (specialists and scientists) in improvement of quality of work and management of the complex. It inspects observance of rights and interests of scientific and technical youth, explicates creativity of junior workers in  science, engineering, practice of management, helps in solution of problems of youth. 

From the point of view of scientific direction, CJSS provides the following possibilities for work of junior specialists:

  • Development of creative connections of junior scientists and specialists of scientific organizations and industrial enterprises, international relations.

  • Information exchange on the basic directions and results of scientific and pedagogical activity of youth.

  • Provides possibilities for publication of junior specialists researches at scientific conferences, scientific - practical seminars, in mass media and electronic telecommunications.

  • Distribution of information on the international educational, research and development programs appropriate to professional interests of the academic youth.

  • Creation of the mechanism of experience exchange on solution of problems, connected with scientific work, for example, search of information about results of researches in adjacent areas, establishing of contacts with specialists of other organizations and etc.

  • Help to post-graduate students.

  • Holding of conferences, thematic seminars.

  • Interaction with innovational and introduction organizations.

  • Organization of sports and cultural - mass actions.

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