FGUP GosNIIAS Printing & Publications Centre publishes information and analytic materials devoted to the analysis of current and advanced aircraft technology. We bring to notice of intended readers the following transactions:

Periodical publications:

  • Aircraft systems Scientific & Technical Information Journal (12 issues a year)

  • Aircraft systems development Express Technical Information (52 issues a year)

  • GosNIIAS Transactions, Issues of avionics series

Non-periodical publications:

  • GosNIIAS Transactions, Information Technologies in Complex System Development series

  • Analytical reviews of foreign sources

Thematical directions of Aircraft systems Scientific & Technical Information Journal:

  • Issues of combat aircraft systems and airborne weapons concept definition;

  • Foreign combat aviation state-of-the-art and technology development monitoring;

  • Airborne weapon control systems;

  • Airborne and air defense weapons;

  • Information technologies and airborne information systems;

  • Civil avionics systems;

  • Aircraft systems ground-based development technologies;

  • Advanced aircraft technologies;

  • Cyber weapon and cyber security assurance.

Significant changes in the domestic defense industry activities in recent years raised the veil of secrecy from many defense efforts and led to the emergence of a wide range of new research areas which is reflected in the subject matter of GosNIIAS Transactions collections of research papers. The transactions are published as two independent series:

  • Issues on avionics;

  • Information technologies in complex system development.

Subject matter:

  • manned and unmanned aircraft concept definition;

  • airborne and ground-based intelligent systems;

  • aircraft control algorithms;

  • airborne weapons release algorithms;

  • manned and unmanned aircraft efficiency assessment;

  • avionics system development;

  • air traffic control;

  • airborne computer platform development;

  • airborne open-architecture computer system design;

  • data processing and communication equipment;

  • image recognition technologies;

  • avionics control algorithmic support.

Analytical reviews of foreign sources present information on aviation state-of-the-art and development trends:

  • Information on new scientific and technical aspects of aircraft development;

  • Information on new aircraft system developments in specified research and engineering fields;

  • New data on known aircraft systems parameters and performance specifications.


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