In the process of scientific and technological potential building up for military aircraft development the main conceptual characteristics of an aircraft being developed should be adopted and validated, design performance attainability should be demonstrated and concept implementation ways should be outlined.

The solution of this problem is the subject of external (conceptual) aircraft system design.

External (conceptual) design provides the methodology for main aircraft system characteristics definition and validation at early development stages to minimize time and resource expenditures for defining characteristics and reduce the risk of conceptual and technical decision errors.

Basic for external design of combat aircraft systems are, on the one hand, aircraft system missions in predicted military conflicts and, on the other hand, the scientific and technological potential built up by the start of the development process.

External aircraft system design technology comprises the following subsequent studies:

  • the assessment of combat aircraft group combat capability deficiency and the definition of alternative concepts for capability deficiency elimination as well as the determination of a niche for an aircraft being designed in current and advanced versions;

  • the identification of combat aircraft system functional capability deficiency for each concept version and needs for new qualities based on aircraft system performance study with the use of operational models;

  • prediction of scientific and technological development, identification of technological ways and means for elimination of aircraft systems functional deficiency;

  • parametric synthesis of rational aircraft system concepts within the framework of chosen technological concepts; parametric studies with the identification of optimal characteristics domain, aircraft system cost performance and concept feasibility estimate;

  • concept optimization for various technical options, determination of aircraft system conceptual, efficiency and cost performance;

  • type studies and development program optimization, including rational concept options, study of intended application area of an aircraft system being designed within a group in conjunction with current and planned for development other types of weapons.

The main study tools within external design technology are system analysis and mathematical modeling, including operational simulation, efficiency estimate and the search for optimal solutions in particular in the presence of multicriteriality, uncertainties and random factors.



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